Feature Overview
This App generates HTML code based on your design, so you wouldn't need to write a single line of code. But if you are tech savvy, you will have the option to modify 100% of the generated code as well.
Beautiful fonts with hundreds of colors
Start your creative design from a blank canvas or choose from dozens of beautifully crafted templates. Design with beautiful fonts, hundreds of colors, click to launch hyperlinks, video widgets and unlimited number of photos.
Add unlimited number of photos
Resize images within the App, thumbnails are automatically linked to its larger full resolution versions, making it quick and simple for customers to view clear and crisp product photos.
Publish images to Dropbox or your website
Link to your Dropbox account to host your auction images or upload to your own web host through the built-in FTP uploader (full support for FTP, FTPS and SSH FTP)
Edit on Mac, iPad and iPhone
Auction Listing Designer is natively available for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Sync your listing designs through Dropbox and edit on all your devices, both desktop and mobile.
Professional templates
Start your design from a blank canvas or choose from one of the professionally designed templates, plug 'n chug your product information, and you're good to go!
Fully compatible with eBay
This app has been thoroughly tested with eBay listings. You will also be able to use it with many other websites where HTML is accepted.

Hear from our users
Auction Listing Designer makes it super simple for adding HTML descriptions into your eBay listing, please follow these steps below:

Step #1. Design your auction listing using the drag and drop designer, click on "Auction Code" whenever your are done with design and is ready to publish.

Step #2. Your HTML auction code should be generated instantly. Click on "Copy to Clipboard" to copy to your computer's clipboard.

(This means the code is now ready to be pasted anywhere.) You may now paste it into eBay's listing field, note pad, Word document and pretty much any other software or website that accepts HTML code)

Step #3. Open a web browser and log into your eBay account. Please navigate eBay's website to create a new listing, look for the section where you are asked to enter the Item Details. Click on the "HTML" tab. This is IMPORTANT, make sure you choose the "HTML" tab and not the "Standard" tab, otherwise, raw source code will be showing on your listings.

Step #4. After the code has been pasted, click the "Standard" tab to review and makes sure your design is loading properly. Now you're ready to publish your listing!
Each photo added into the listing will automatically be linked to the full size photo. When added into the listing, viewer can simply click or tap on the photo to launch the original full size image.

This provides your potential buyers with a "at a glance" view of the listing, while giving interested buyers the ability to learn more details by viewing larger versions of the image.
This App has been designed and tested with eBay listings, but it's not limited to just eBay and may be used with any listing or selling services that use HTML listing descriptions.
This App is not integrated with eBay and is not meant to be linked to your eBay user account for posting. The purpose of the App is to generate HTML code for your auction design, you may copy and paste the code into your auctions on eBay or any other compatible auction site that accepts HTML.

Auction Listing Designer generates optimized code that is tailored specifically to be embedded into eBay listings, you may include price and payment descriptions as part of the listing, but these details should be entered again into the eBay App when posting.
Auction Listing Designer
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